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Tom Beaumont On LJ

...dream stubbornly...and write it out...

29 August
I believe.

I believe in life.
I believe in the power of words to transform souls.
I believe that one good laugh a day can change an outlook for the better.
I believe that love can, does, and will indeed conquer all.

I believe that if you want peace tomorrow, you must feed the kids today.
I believe there is a purpose for all of us.
I believe that I am nowhere near the end of my journey as a human being.
I believe there will be a life after this.


I believe in sticking your neck out at every opportunity, no matter who's swinging the axe. If you've got an idea that you think sounds way out crazy, but you'd trade your first-born child (metaphorically, anyway) to have somebody, anybody, put into the marketplace of ideas - well, why not? And why not by you? You're somebody...and I can virtually guarantee that there'll be somebody, anybody, who has been waiting to see it too. Maybe they didn't know they were waiting, maybe they did - but that person is out there. And likely in here, too. And you might just make their decade.

So - again - commit to it, no matter what that 'it' is. Commitcommitcommit.

Write what you want to read. Write what you like to read. And stick to your guns about it.

'Cause chances are, I'm somebody, anybody, too.